I am going to build bridges, not walls. I am going to seek solutions. Our political system is broken; gerrymandering, winner takes all, first past the pole, spoiler votes. I am interested in installing Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), Multi-Member Districts (MMD) and Proportional Voting Power (PPV).  These three ideas, like the legs of a tripod, can encourage cooperation and save our democracy.  RCV is already making inroads, being adopted by numerous states including Colorado.

Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is real. A person doesn’t need to understand this by looking at data. Just look around you and see how things are changing. Two decades ago, Colorado Springs (El Paso County) would get at least three major snowstorms every winter. I remember when you could count on it to snow by Halloween and reminding my kids their costumes would have to fit over their jackets. Now, we’re wearing shorts in January.  Some of the reasons I love living in El Paso County is we don’t have hurricanes, floods, tornadoes or earthquakes. We didn’t used to fires and now it’s become almost normal.  I’m concerned about this coming summer.  This is why I will vote to steer us towards renewable energy and work toward…to protect our forests, our water, our planet.


We are all one. At the end of the day, we’re all Pikes Peakans, Coloradoans, Americans. I believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to pursue Happiness, Life and Liberty. Toward this end, I support a women’s choice to control her own body. I support people of color should be able to exist without the threat of being profiled.


Education is the key to lifting people up and providing a sustainable future for people.  As our world changes from fossil fuels to renewable energy, from analog to digital, from local to global, we’ve got to prepare everyone to live in that world. I support providing educational pipelines, whether it is technical or otherwise, so that persons can know they’ll have a job waiting for them at the end of their education.